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2019 Flying S Farms CSA Application

Our 2019 CSA Season begins May 22 through October 12, offering a 21 week season weekly shares and 11 week bi-weekly shares. Free Range Chicken Eggs and/or Sourdough Bread Shares are also available this season to our members. Upon registration we will send you an email of confirmation and include you in our email newsletter when available.



City and Zip (Tennessee only):___________________________________

Daytime Phone:______________________Evening:________________

Email:_________________________________________Do you Text:   Yes   or   No

Plan Selection: Pay in Full or contact us for other payment options.
                _____Full Share - 21 Weeks @ $735.00                 
                _____Half Share(s) 21 Weeks @ $420.00

                _____Bi-Weekly FULL Share 11 Weeks @ $445.00
                _____Bi-Weekly HALF Share 11 Weeks @ $335.00
Select any additional option to add to your CSA, either weekly or biweekly
                _____Free Range Egg Share (1 dozen) - 21 Weeks @ $95.00
_____Free Range Egg Share (1 dozen) - 11 Weeks @ $50.00
Indicate if you'd like the bread     SLICED    or   UNSLICED    by circling the word.
_____Sourdough Wheat Bread Share (1 full loaf) - 21 Weeks @ $120
_____Sourdough Plain Bread Share (1 full loaf) - 21 Weeks @ $95.00

_____Sourdough Wheat Bread Share (1 full loaf) - 11 Weeks @ $62.00
_____Sourdough Plain Bread Share (1 full loaf) - 11 Weeks @ $50.00

Desired Pickup Location: (Check One)
_______East Nashville Farmers' Market (location to be determined); Tuesday 3:30 to 6:30pm
_______Our farm in Woodbury; by appointment
_______Franklin Farmers' Market; Saturday 8 to Noon
_______Stones River Locally Grown Market Pick Up Location; Wednesday 4:30 to 6pm
_______Other Drop Off Option or Private Delivery available, fee to be determined: 
              Specify location or address____________________________________________
If unable to pick up your Share at scheduled time, please contact us so we can reschedule. If we have not been notified you forfeit that share. Please initial: _______

The CSA concept includes a sharing of risk. We cannot control the weather. However, we will do our best to provide what we have planned, but if we have a natural disaster that ruins our crops, we thank you for supporting us and sharing the risk. Please initial: ______

Payment Methods: Payment may be made by Check or money order to address below. We also accept most Major Credit Cards, there will be an additional 4% service fee for credit card use. For security reasons, please call us with your card information (Cell: 615-542-1078)

Flying S Farms
PO Box 456
Woodbury, Tn 37190